Funny, but they

Funny, but they Jane P.

All my children passed through a kusaniye, and they is constant bit other children whom thus hotly loved.

Funny, but they never bit people, in which were not sure.


For many children the kusaniye is the same part of growth, as at measure of the first pair of shoes.

The same as a derganye for hair, for sovyvaniye of fingers in a nose to parents and sophisticated udovol stviye from a shchipaniye.

If not to pay attention to it or to forgive, you will be pulled hair, to bite and pinch everything Awfully normal it is more and more, but your reaction has to be caused age of the child and his ability to understand.

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I think, the majority

I think, the majority To look for balance and to leave from old a scene riyev, honesty and force will be required.

You will be helped by some special receptions to bring up the child as you want.

I think, the majority of problems nevertheless goes from the children's experience of parents.

Therefore when you face with difficult situation, you often tell that in accuracy, that your mother, irrespective of would tell you, what from it will be effect.

It is surprising.

But if parental education was absent, on than still it is possible to build the parental approach?

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Allow me to tell

Allow me to tell It for those who wants that their family life became kinder, more joyful, more than is usually filled with love.

Allow me to tell these parents that they are right and they will be able to find the correct way.

Best regards, Steve Biddalf.

Briefly Experience of my young colleague suggested me an idea that the choice for a day nursery is made under pressure and many young parents do not realize the real feelings, are not be compelled to leave the child yet.

Every day society becomes more pragmatic and fatally indifferent to family needs, ignoring cultural wealth.

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Give them

Give them It is useful to provide to everyone reben ku physical space for game that it was not interrupted also brothers or sisters did not distract.

Perhaps, one child mo zht to play in one room, another another, or at everyone there will be the corner.

Give them also the chance to be together: ig host to fight, resolve the issues and to derive pleasure from societies of each other.

Choice of option of care of children How it is correct to choose care of children?

Difficulties this choice it is easy to underestimate.

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The most

The most Mothers and fathers do not want to send children to a day nursery.

The most important opening was almost not mentioned because about it it was not told in the report, but nevertheless it is the fact.

The most greater influence how strongly parents love the children and as far as they zaintehas on children's development resovana in devoting to them there is as much as possible time.

And it does not depend on the income, education or a social status.

Here that was told: Though the social status of parents and level of their education are related to results of development of the child, quality of a house situation more important, and it directly does not depend on a social status or educational level of mother.

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